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HyVee gives free lunch for flood victims in Sumner

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Flood victims in Sumner are still recovering, but one simple gesture made all the difference in helping them stay strong. Area HyVee stores offered a free lunch Tuesday afternoon in Sumner, but served more than just a hot meal. 

Damaging flooding left the community of Sumner in much of a mess. As volunteers poured in, and neighbors helped one another clean-up, many were asking "How can we help?"

Waverly HyVee store director Jason Busswitz noticed there was a need for more than just water. 

"You know you got to react fast when these things happens and people want to get on their feet as fast as they can so we're here to help," said Busswitz.

Busswitz along with the Logan Ave. HyVee in Waterloo teamed up and within a matter of hours, and a few phone calls they were able to get PepsiCo and Frito-Lay to make generous donations. Hours later, HyVee employees showed up to Sumner-Fredericksburg high school with a truck full of food. 

The employees served up a little relief, because for many in Sumner, this was the first hot meal they've been able to have. 

"You know this is wonderful-it's a god send."

As they've been waiting for power, and for trucks to pick up their damaged belongings, they've had to make do. Hundreds of people exhausted from hours on end of flood clean-up were able to take a step away from the devastation for lunch. 

"We don't have hot water yet because we lost the hot water heater and the furnace so we've just been going to a friends house and families to shower."

Volunteers from HyVee cooked up more than just a hamburger Tuesday-it's the gesture that says "We're here for you."

"It's been interesting without any power, you take for granted what you have," said Jordan Miller. "We've been eating Twinkies and Ho Hos all week."

HyVee was able to serve over 300 people in Sumner. 

"We want to help out as a team to get this place back up and running," said Busswitz. "You know I lived in Cedar Rapids in the flood of 2008 so I know what these people are going through and it takes a big village to get these things straightened out and HyVee is willing to help in anyway we can."

Volunteers came to help Sumner flood victims from all over, including a couple from Independence. 

"We didn't have a lot to do today, so we just thought we'd come up and help, we saw on Facebook they were asking for volunteers."

If you need someone to come and help with your clean-up effort, Bremer County Emergency Management says you can call 319-327-4636 and they will get you help. 

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