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Waterloo baby may be youngest Lyme Disease patient in Iowa history

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An eastern Iowa baby is now back from the hospital.

His family just found he's one of the youngest patients in Iowa to ever get Lyme disease.

This all started earlier this month on 4th of July. 

The Waterloo family was vacationing in Wisconsin. 

Two-month-old Jett was on the porch with his mom.

He was sitting on her lap when she noticed a little tick on his shoulder.

The family immediately worked to scrape it off and called his pediatrician.

10 days later, a faint rash, shaped like a bulls-eye, showed up where the tick was.

That's when the family rushed Jett to the hospital. He had a 103 fever. 

The family just found out this weekend that Jett does have Lyme disease. 

They are now working with doctors to figure out what to do next. The good news is Jett should be OK since they got the disease early. 

According to the CDC, Lyme disease can often lead to  a rash, like the one Jett had, a fever, headaches and fatigue. 

If left untreated, it could lead to more serious symptoms.

The family hopes their story can be a wake-up call. They want to remind parents to check their kids, pets and themselves for ticks more often. They say anyone can get Lyme disease.  

KWWL has been working with the Iowa Department of Public Health to see if this is the youngest person in Iowa to get Lyme disease. We will keep you updated once we find out. 

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