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Cleanup begins in Sumner after flooding

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As you drive through the town of Sumner, you see piles of people's belongings drenched and sitting on the side of the road. This is just the beginning of the cleanup process.

"I don't know if it has really hit me or not...a lot of the stuff I was gonna get rid of, but I don't want to get rid of it that way," said Judy Kirchhoff, Sumner.

Flood waters surrounded Kirchhoff's home and destroyed everything in her basement this weekend including clothing, furniture and family heirlooms.

"There are probably some things that I would have taken out, but I am not going to do that, it's just not worth it," said Kirchhoff. "It's just easier to let it go and forget it and start over."

Nearby, children were shoveling soaked items into bags to be thrown away. People were using backhoes to pick up belongings and throw them into massive dumpsters.

"It's tough having to cleanup everything and having to through away stuff that you didn't think you were gonna have to throw away," said Jeff Gruber, Sumner.

Most roads are dry, but early this weekend many roads were covered by water.

"As the night progressed, it still was raining, and it just kept coming up when the creek went over the road and that was it for us," said Gruber.

Gruber's cars and basement were drenched.

"The water came straight down our drive way and into our garage and into our basement," said Gruber.

The town of Sumner is tying to stay positive after the devastation and 40 hours without power.

"I guess that was the happiest thought, we got electricity!" said Kirchhoff.

The floods also destroyed many people's furnaces and air conditioners. Those are things many people say they just replaced from flash flooding about a month ago. Sumner's mayor says at least 60 percent of homes have water damage, four of which had walls collapse. 

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