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Flood waters drench Sumner

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Flood waters destroyed people's yards, property and homes in Sumner. The community has been getting drenched leaving hundreds of people without power while trying to clean up.

"When she comes, she comes quick," said Gerald Galer, Sumner.

People in town were greeted by flood waters early this morning.

"Well we had water up to where the siding stopped and I've got nine foot of water in my basement," said Galer.

While Galer and his neighbors worked to salvage items from their basements, a family of five was working to dry out their belongings, hanging clothes on their stair railings and cars.

"I went down my steps at 8:30 this morning and I had water all the way up to my waist," said Mark Hyman, Sumner. "I'd say for a good three hours I was down there just putting the stuff through the window and stacking and separating the stuff that we lost."

The foundation of one Sumner woman's home was ripped apart by the rushing flood waters. She says the water came across the road and ran towards her house, that's when she heard a loud cracking sound and that's when the foundation collapsed. People in town are trying to dry out and stay that way.

"We don't need no more rain for a while," said Galer.

The fire department says no one was injured and they are working on lending out donated pumps to people so they can drain their basements.

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