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Growing concerns over fidget spinners catching fire

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Fidget spinners are all the rage, but are they a fire hazard?

The spinning toys, some even with bluetooth, seem to be something kids just can't put down. But in some cases the Consumer Products Safety Commission is taking reports on the little toys with their batteries catching fire. 

New reports suggest that certain versions of the toy can pose serious fire dangers. New versions of the toy contain lithium ion batteries, which may potentially catch fire. 

10-year-old Kaiden Smith was in his bedroom playing a video game on his iPhone, when without warning, his fidget spinner caught fire.

"When I was charging it, it caught on fire when I was laying right next to it," said Smith. 

His sister, Kamari heard the commotion.

"Fire-fire and I ran in here and told him to put it in the sink,"  said Allums.

His mother, Kimberly Allums posted the ordeal on Facebook., and the Consumer Product Safety Commission reached out to her.

"Had he not grabbed it or been in the same room with it, it could have caught the whole house on fire," said Allums.  

The toy, which has flashing lights and also connects to his phone by blue tooth to play music had a lithium ion battery. 

The battery is similar to the kind that has caused fires in hoverboards, some cell phones, and laptops like this one that caught fire four times--its battery the suspected cause. 

Michelle Carr from Michigan says her fidget spinner caught fire. 

"Right here in this bookcase, I can see the reflection. The fidget spinner was on fire on my counter," said Carr. 

In California, the spinner started hissing and smoking in a child's hand after charging for two hours.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is monitoring the situation and offering these important safety tips:

  • Don't leave the item charging unattended. 
  • Follow manufacturer's instructions 
  • Only use the charger provided with the product.
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