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City debates future of fireworks

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Many took their new freedom to celebrate the Fourth of July with fireworks maybe a little too far in one city, causing some very upset people.

"So these idiots that don't have any intelligence that are taking advantage of a freedom," said one Waterloo resident asking the council to ban fireworks altogether.

The Waterloo Public Safety committee heard from numerous people during their recent meeting.

The committee is charged with making a recommendation for the city's firework ordinance during December.

The city limited this year's Fourth of July fireworks to only 5 days, but people ignored the restrictions.

The Waterloo Police Department handling nearly 800 firework complaint calls during the last month.

Some of the people making those calls showing up at the committee meeting to make their voices heard.

 "We have had fireworks going off in my neighborhood since June 1st, it is not over. We are not children, we are not children, We do not need to have the right to set those fireworks off and destroy everybody else's peace and quiet," continued the Waterloo woman.

"I would hate to be sitting in church hearing fireworks go off. I just think, Christmas time, December, it doesn't need to be done," said another woman.

The city council looking for solutions to the unrest like stricter rules.

"I feel like if we do a total complete ban because of what is going on; citizens are out there shooting them off right now. If we do that we are going to be setting citizens up for fines, no doubt about it," said Ward 4 Councilman Jerome Amos.

Some councilmen even wanting to push the state to make fireworks illegal again.

"I want to get our major cities to meet with the governor and reverse this decision because as long as they are going to sell fireworks, they are going to light them off. I don't care what you do as far as putting dates and times, it is not going to work," said Ward 5 Councilman Ron Welper.

However, the meeting was not all negative. There were several people who spoke in support of fireworks.

"I do not think that fireworks should be restricted because of a few complaints. Where is the number of people who love fireworks making calls to the city? We had thousands of customers," said Judd Saul, who ran a fireworks stand in Waterloo.

Because of the number of people wanting to speak at the meeting, the committee scheduled another meeting for August before making any recommendations to council.

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