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Lyric & Elizabeth Memorial Ride helps keep case active

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Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins were killed five years ago, but their memory lives on through hundreds of people in eastern Iowa and the annual Ride and Drive for the cousins does just that.

The main purpose of the Memorial Ride and Drive for the girls is to keep the case active. Doing events like the Ride and Drive keeps the names of Elizabeth and Lyric out there, and organizers say it helps the case from going cold.

"It has always been about those two little girls, that's what we have to keep in mind, it's always got to be about those two little girls," said Shawn Murphy. organizer.

It's been five years since the the two girls were killed...their death shook a community and a family.

"I am not even sure how we made it through to be honest with you, it was a feeling of couldn't feel, you couldn't think," said Misty Cook, Lyric's mother.

Saturday's event means the world to the people of Evansdale and both the Collins and Cook-Morrisey families.

"You mess with our kids and we will not stop until we bring you to justice," said Drew Collins, Elizabeth's father.

Today was a day to remember the girls and what the killer or killers took from a town and a family.

"I miss my daughter, I miss my niece, I miss them in our life," said Cook. "I miss feeling safe and comfortable walking around in a community, doing different things, you know I miss that, it's changed our life forever."

The family and community say they are not giving up.

"The feeling that I just got watching all the motorcycles pull away and all the cars it was just such a feeling of power and unity that it's such a huge community that is not gonna give up we are not gonna give up," said Cook.

Authorities reminding the public this case is not cold, in fact they have tips coming in every week. If anyone has any information about the disappearance and murders of Lyric and Elizabeth, call Cedar Valley Crime Stoppers at 855-300-8477 or 319-232-6682. There is a $20,500 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for the crime. 

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