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Waterloo recycling site abused and misused

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People of Waterloo are calling an area recycling site "disgusting" after trash and other non-recyclable items have been thrown across the site.

There are two main problems happening at the recycling site near Flammang Drive in Waterloo, near the Crossroads area.  That location is one of four of the City's recycling sites for residents.

The city says trash has been over flowing out of the bins and people have been dropping off items that are not recyclable. Community members say they've seen trash scattered around the bins multiple times.

"There was just everything strewn all over across the road here and it was very disgusting," said Rachel Jenson, Waterloo.

The city says it's something that is a growing problem and they are working to find a solution. 

"It's just sickening to see that people just don't care and put things here that they know don't belong here like air conditioners, dead animals, couches, love seats and TV's," said Sam Barrett, Waterloo Sanitation Supervisor. "This isn't the land fill and it isn't the dump station...it's meant to be for a positive purpose and it is disheartening to see people abuse it." 

While KWWL was at the recycling site, crews saw a woman shove a tarp into the plastic only recycling bin, this is something the city says they are having a problem with.

"People are watching now because they don't want this to go away and they don't want recycling to go away and if you are the one illegally dumping here just know people are watching you and you probably will eventually get turned in," said Barrett.

Rite Environmental empties the recycling bins, but people in the community say they aren't emptied enough. The company owner says they are doing the best they can.

"We maintain the sites as frequently as needed, that usually turns out to be almost daily, with the exception of Sundays," said Brian Hoyer, Rite Environmental Owner. "When those containers get full people need to realize they need to go somewhere else and give us a chance to come and empty it."

The city says they are looking for a solution when it comes to both issues, but they are asking community members to be aware. If the bins are full, try and take your recyclables to another site and stop littering.

The city says they have four recycling sites in Waterloo. They were forced to close a fifth one recently because it was abused and they don't want to do the same to the other locations.

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