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Dubuque cleans up after overnight storm

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Many people spent this Wednesday cleaning up after an overnight storm in Dubuque. 

The storm brought down several trees and power lines.

Some trees fell on houses while others blocked off streets. 

Sergio Wright was sitting in his driveway just feet away from a large tree that fell blocking the street he had just driven on minutes beforehand. 

"I can't really explain it you know it's just, it happened and then I don't know man it's just  good, great timing I guess," he says. 

The tree even pulled up part of the sidewalk along with it. 

Meanwhile a tree on a family farm near the Dubuque fairground was left without it's branches, the stump left hollowed out. 

Another tree on that same property fell on Elizabeth Rowe's car. 
 "Heard a big boom, looked out the window, rain was coming down in sheets," Rowe says. 

Her car was damaged from the impact. 

North of town near Highway 52, Buck Farni has damage on his property. 
He has extensive flooding in his yard. 
 "Poured and poured you know it just, and there was an awful lot of wind, I slept through it, there isn't much more you could do about it," he says. 

The Dubuque Police Department says there is a lot of flooding near Heritage Trail off Highway 52 north of town. 
Farni is also one of the many who were left without power after the storm.

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