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People working to save homes

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There's quite a mess across Clayton County.

Rain fell off and on after Tuesday night's storm, and roads and bridges are even shut down because of the recent weather.

However, the biggest concern right now seems to be whether people will be able to keep their homes dry from the recent runoff.

"Just keep pumping til we can get it all pumped out, that's about all we can do," Dennis Sargent of Osterdock said.

Sargent said he has been awake for nearly 30 hours, and he's doing what he can to keep his home dry.

"It came about three inches from getting in the house I think. So, we got lucky today, and hopefully it just stays that way, and we keep it going that way," Sargent said.

Like his neighbors, Sargent has lived in the are for nearly 20 hours, and he said he's used to the water problem, but he's never seen flooding quite like this.

"It obviously depends on when we get crazy weather like this. You never know. Some times we can go several years, and then we might be doing it back-to-back years," Sargent said.

Even firefighters stopped by and told Sargent and his neighbors to take precautions.

"He had me go in and shut the power off in the house. So, yeah it was scary," Sargent said.

What was once Lynx Avenue in Osterdock, is now just a washed out mess.

Several feet of ground is washed away, and not only are people struggling to get to their mail, but some people can't even get out of their driveways.

"I was like Holy Crap, what am I going to do here? You've got to watch it. It's a good thing I've got a four-wheel drive, so I can throw it into four-wheel-drive and make it back and forth, but otherwise, there's no way in a car or anything," Steve Zaruba of Osterdock said.

Even though the rain has been falling off and on, people say they're making progress.

Both Zaruba and Sargent live near the Turkey River, but they say the rain affecting their property was runoff from a nearby hill.

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