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Dan Gable Museum looking to renovate

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Another million dollar project is in the works for downtown Waterloo, as it continues to update and redevelop.

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo will expand its training facilities to increase capacity and bring new technology to the museum.

The main goal of the $1.5 million project is to expand the current training facilities at the museum.

"We just had a wrestling camp a few weeks ago, it was 40 people, and we had to go about three different sessions because it was so tight in there," said Kyle Klingman, the museum's director.

In order to fix that issue, the museum is looking to triple the mat space in the facility.

"Are youth clubs are always asking me, when are you going to get the new wrestling room? When are you going to get the new wrestling room? This is our number one priority. This wall here will go down and then all of this right here is going to be the new wrestling room," said Klingman, explaining that the current wall between the wrestling room and a multipurpose room will be knocked down.

The $1.5 million renovations wouldn't just expand the wrestling facilities, but update the technology and display of the sport's long history.

But the museum still needs to raise nearly $800,000 before December.

"Getting half way there is a big step, but we want to get to the other half and it is going to take a lot of people that believe in what we are doing to take us to the next step," said Klingman.

And speaking of supporters. . .

"There has not been anyone as supportive of Dan Gable as Donald Trump. That is for sure," said Klingman.

Dan Gable spoke at an early Trump rally and President Trump mentioned Gable during many of his Iowa rallies, so is it time for President Trump to return the favor?

"So the call hasn't been made?" asked KWWL.

"It has not and I don't know if he plans on doing that, but it could happen. Dan can throw you surprises at times," said Klingman.

KWWL reached out to Dan Gable about the renovation plans and have not heard back at this time.

The museum is looking to raise roughly $800,000 to start renovations in December of this year.

If you would like to help National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Dan Gable Museum reach its goal visit nwhof.org.

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