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Witness: They were pretty bloody and asked me to get assistance

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Two people will be all right after they were shot this weekend in Cedar Rapids. Police say they were called to a shooting just after 9:00 P.M. yesterday in the 15 hundred block of 1st Avenue North East.

Cedar Rapids Police say three people were hurt. Two of the people who were hit ran to a nearby Wendy's for help. Lennette Harmon says she was working when she was approached by the two men.

"They were just begging and pleading for me to call someone for help so that's what I did," said Harmon, Wendy's manager. "I was taking a break and two gentleman had come running through the Coe College parking lot, they were pretty bloody and asked me to get assistance for them."

The two men ran towards the main entrance of the Wendy's very quickly, scaring Harmon.

"With the speed that they were coming, my first thought was to get in the car and lock the doors because that's how fast they were coming, but once I realized what was going on I immediately got back out of my car and seen if they needed help."

Cedar Rapids Police say three people were hurt and two people were taken to the hospital.

"I feel bad for it happening at the liquor store, but I am very grateful that it did not take place here," said Harmon.

A Fas Fuel employee who works at the 1st Avenue NE location says he was leaving after his shift when he heard gunshots in the parking lot.

"I walked across the street and I said, 'what's up' to the group of people who were standing outside and shots were fired," said JaDale Roby, Cedar Rapids. "I didn't know where they came from, I just heard shots."

At last check Cedar Rapids Police say they are still looking for the shooter. At this point they don't have a description of the shooter, but say they are looking at surveillance video from around the area for their investigation.

We also asked police whether they're investigating to see whether last night's shooting was connected to last weekends and they could not confirm that information.

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