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Rare blue bullfrog spotted in Iowa

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Have you ever seen a blue bullfrog in Iowa?

The Iowa DNR just reported that one was found in southern Iowa last week. 

Iowa DNR says on their website, "There are several genes that make a frog green or brown, and these genes result in various structures being created in the frog’s skin layers. The lower skin layer reflects light, and as that light passes through the upper skin layers, various wavelengths are filtered out so the frog looks green or greenish-brown."

The website also states that, "In some frogs, a genetic mutation removes some of the skin’s ability to produce yellow pigment. That can filter out certain wavelengths, which results in a blue bullfrog. Leopard frogs can also be affected by this."

Iowa DNR says this is at least the fifth blue bullfrog in Iowa that they've hear of. 

Click here to visit their website and learn more information about it. 

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