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Washer blown up: A Dubuque family's unique way of dealing with defunct appliance

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It's been a running joke in the family for the past six months, Bonnie Holl says, that they'd blow up the washer that quit working on them.

Last week, they made that joke a reality.

The Holl family decided to blow up their old, broken down washer, and with it, they created some video, and memories, they'll never forget.

18-year-old Natalie Holl, recently graduated from high school, got the honors of the first shot.

She missed the first time, but made it count the second time.

"And I took the first shot, and I didn't make it. And I was like, should I do it again? And I was like, sure, might as well. Then it took me a while to line it up, then it blew up and everyone was kinda in shock. We weren't expecting it to happen right away," she said.

The family had a big crowd in town for Natalie's graduation party and to celebrate the 4th of July. 

So they decided the time was now to blow it up--packing it with 16 pounds of binary reactive, which the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms says is legal.

Holl is still in awe of what happened when she hit it.

"It was really big. You could feel it from all way back here. I was just in shock looking at it," she said.

And perhaps just as impressive--it was her first time shooting as assault rifle.

"I've only shot guns three times down here. But nothing big, nothing with an assault rifle."

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