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UPDATE: Pit bull stabbed in attack

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UPDATE: Both dog owners in a dog fight that resulted with a pit bull being stabbed to death have been cited.

On July 4th, a pit bull owned by Charles and Kelly Grau jumped the backyard fence and attacked Jeff Brenner's coon hound. 

According to the investigation, Brenner tried to stop the attack and became entangled in his dog's leash.

Brenner ended up on the ground and stabbed the pit bull to stop the attack.

Investigators ruled the stabbing self-defense.

However, both parties were fined nearly $800.

Brenner did not have his coon hound licensed and vaccinated.

The Grau's also did not have the pit bull licensed and vaccinated. They were also cited for failing to restrain their dog.

KWWL spoke to both dog owners after the attack. See below.


A dog attack remains under investigation after a man was bitten and a pit bull is dead.

The incident happened Tuesday night in the 300 block of East 21st Street in Dubuque.

The owners of the pit bull named Beefy say a neighbor stabbed the dog 22 times.

"I just want my Beefy back, coonhound," said Charles Grau.

A one-year-old, 90-pound pit bull, Grau says his dog had a habit of getting out, but was never violent.

"That dog would not hurt a fly. He plays with babies. My baby girl pretty much rides him," said Grau.

Beefy jumped the fence between the Grau's backyard and their neighbors. 

According to the neighbor, Beefy began attacking his coonhound, Red.

"It all happened so fast. I got pushed down. We got tangled in the leash. I was yelling for help," said Jeff Brenner.

The leash which was keeping Jeff Brenner and his dog tangled with Beefy was staked to the ground.

"The knife was on my side like it is right now. I always carry it there. It was my life, my dog's life or to stop that dog," said Brenner.

Brenner says he is sorry Beefy died, but he did what he felt was necessary.

"After maybe a few times that would have calmed [Beefy] down. I don't believe that he did it. But 22 times, that is overkill," said Kelly Grau, Beefy's other owner.

"I thought is was seven or eight times. . . I wouldn't normally go out and kill a dog. I don't have anything against pit bulls. I don't have anything against any dog," said Brenner.

KWWL spoke with a neighbor who says he called the police. The neighbor called the incident self-defense.

Brenner is undergoing rabies shots for a bite the pit bull inflicted during the struggle.

Dubuque Police and animal control say the incident remains under investigation.

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