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FIREWORKS OR GUNSHOT: 4th of July celebration takes scary turn

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A Waterloo woman is recovering after being hit by a stray bullet in her backyard. 

Police were called to the 1400 block of Colorado Street where 47-year-old Rosa Diaz-Sanguino was watching fireworks with her family when her Fourth of July celebration quickly took a turn.

Sanguino, who's lived in Waterloo for 17 years, says she's never once felt unsafe in her backyard until last night.

"I felt a very very strong pain in my shoulder and I thought that maybe one firecracker exploded, and then when I touched my shoulder it was bloody," said Sanguino. 

At first, Sanguino and her family had no idea what had hit her.

"Out of nowhere, my aunt was sitting on the chair and she just jumped up saying, 'An insect bit me, an insect bit me,'" said Sangunio's nephew Jose Angel Diaz. 

"She kind of felt a burn like a sharp pain," said Sanguino's niece Elizabeth Diaz. "She thought it was a firework. That's the first thing we thought, you know fireworks are going off."

Once the pain started to set it, Sanguino noticed her shoulder was bleeding. 

"When I did this, I dropped it from my shoulder and my 11-year-old boy Alex said it's a bullet and ran inside, everyone got scared and we got inside," said Sanguino. 

Doctors say the bullet barely grazed her.

"We were out here in our backyard, just someplace we thought was safe," said Diaz. 

Sanguino says it was a close call, and could've hit any of the kids who were playing outside.

"I'm very very glad that my boy didn't get hurt," said Sanguino.

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