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Firework sales skyrocket

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For the first time in decades, Iowans are getting to celebrate with a bang.  Consumer-grade fireworks sales are skyrocketing, according to local stands.

The sales at fireworks stands have exceeded expectations for most sellers, despite some bumps in the road.  Strong winds and heavy rain took out $25,000 dollars worth of products at a firework stand in the Cedar Falls Walmart parking lot last week. The stand bounced back just in time for the holiday weekend.

"Sales are actually much better than we ever expected," said Casey Harm, who works the stand. "They estimated our sales to be about $25,000 this year. We just past $27,000, so we couldn't be happier with that."

Across the Cedar Valley, in Waterloo, one of the first firework stores to open, Crossroads Fireworks, has had a successful season.

"The last five days, we have had the best day, the best day, the best day," said Matt Reisetter.

Reisetter and his partners had to up their inventory stock to keep up with the demand.

"We are told we are the biggest fireworks store in Iowa. The volume of transactions we have done, the amount of inventory we have moved; if you had told us it was going to be like this at the beginning, we would have thought, 'That's not going to happen, not us. What do we know?'" said Reisetter.

As first-time owners, Reisetter and his partners have enjoyed giving customers like Marlene Carrillo and her niece, who is visiting from California, a Fourth of July to remember.

"She was just saying, she doesn't think she bought me this many fireworks when I was a kid," said Joette Carrillo. "Go big or go home - and I am going home in a few days."

The Fourth of July is the last night to set off fireworks in Waterloo, but the rules vary from city to city, so check your local ordinances.  Firework sales end statewide on July 8th.

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