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Fireworks for sale in Dubuque, but illegal to use

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Multiple tents throughout Dubuque are selling fireworks for the upcoming 4th of July holiday, from sparklers to roman candles.

Except, shooting off certain kinds within the city is illegal.

Some shoppers say this not going to stop people from doing what they want. "Yeah, people will always light them off regardless of the laws. I mean it happens every year," said Jordan Ness of Dubuque.

The issue is "consumer fireworks," including those that go up in the air. "You have these flaming bottle rockets, cause that goes up in the air, these other rocket assortments, you have your roman candles, then you have your 100 round battery missiles," said Jeffery Ferguson of Cornellier Fireworks, which has two tents in the city.

However,  Dubuque  does allow the use of "novelty fireworks," such as party poppers, snappers, drop pops, snakes, and some sparklers.

The Dubuque Police Department and Dubuque Fire Department both are concerned with public safety, and say with more fireworks, the risk of injuries and fires increase. Another concern is the noise level. In 2016, the police department received 230 calls for fireworks. Many people were mistaking them for gunshots. 

Some shoppers tell KWWL, they will just have to leave the city to use them.

"Just out in the country for the actual fireworks,  but the sparklers for the kids will be in town," said Ness.

According to the city ordinance, shooting off consumer fireworks is a simple misdemeanor. The minimum fine is $250.

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