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Woman uncovers animal graves at abandoned pet cemetery

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Dozens of pet graves were discovered in a soon-to-be re-developed area, and one woman is working to get the headstones back to their original owners. 

Cathy Taylor and her team have found 150 pet graves so far in the field on Cedar Heights Drive. The field was once a pet cemetery in the late 1900's. Initially, Taylor went back to the abandoned cemetery looking for her pet, but she ended up starting a project. 

"It started out that all I wanted was my own dog," said Taylor. "People took the time to put their pets out here and they all have a history, it just means a lot to me that maybe I am giving them something back."

For nearly a year Taylor has been searching the land for pet graves, marking each uncovered grave with an orange marker flag.

"If you walk through here and read the headstones they are all family to somebody so we just want them back to their families," said Taylor.

Pat Hall stopped by the cemetery hoping to find her cat's graves.

"I was like oh my gosh maybe there's a chance that we could find the face plates," said Hall, Cedar Falls.

Hall says her cats were family and she is grateful she has the opportunity to move their head stones, thanks to Taylor.

"I'd be tickled to death to go ahead and have their face plates put in my garden or where ever," said Hall.

Pet owners are being reunited with their pets decades after they were buried.

"It would mean a lot ," said Hall. "At the time, I wasn't married or anything, it was just my mom and I, so they were our buds big time, both of them were." 

Lockard Reality has owned the land for more than 10 years. Lockard's executive vice president John Flint says there is no plan on what the land will be turned into, but they have given Taylor until fall to complete the pet cemetery project.

The company says they support and appreciate everything Taylor is doing. Lockard is asking people to sign a waver before they walk on the land, for more information on how to get involved or find your pet CLICK HERE.

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