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Local body shops busy with hail damaged cars

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As Eastern Iowa prepares for the potential of severe weather, so are body shops in the area. Body repair shops in the Cedar Valley are still busy keeping up with the damage from the last round of storms that hit hard for many car owners. 

Rydell Auto in Waterloo says they've already seen double the claims they saw during the last heavy hail storm in 2013. 

"It's been non-stop," said Rydell General Manager Matt Halbur.

Halbur says Rydell had 3200 claims in 2013, and this time around they've already seen double-at 6500. 

It's the same case for Anderson Collision in Cedar Falls. 

"Double at least, double at least what we see this time of year," said Anderson Collision owner Jamie Erhardt. 

Both cedar valley body shops have been busy repairing endless lines of hail damaged cars from quarter and baseball sized hail a few weeks ago. 

"A lot of times unless it's under the fluorescent lights and we can really take a close look at it-people don't realize they have damage," said Halbur. 

Halbur says most of the damage that's come in is easily fixed using paintless dent repair. 

"We've got over thirty employees here in our body shop that are constantly going through cars each day so each one of our employees are able to get through three to four cars a day," said Halbur. 

Erhardt says he still has car after car coming in for hail damage, which isn't typical this time of year but more common in the spring. 

"Business has definitely picked up from it," said Erhardt. "We've seen some cars with $800 worth of damage that we can do paintless dent repair to and we'll have them for half a day to a day and we have jobs that need roofs, hoods, deck lids, all that type of stuff, replacement type panel that takes about an eight day repair."

Both shops say they are ready to take on even more repairs with the potential for severe weather.

"Our guys they just pick up the slack a little bit, but we do what we can to get it done for the customer," said Erhardt. 

Experts say the best way to protect your car is keeping it out of the elements, and under a covered area. 

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