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Goats chomp away weeds near Cedar Valley Nature Trail

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While driving down Main Street in Robins, or cycling along the Cedar Valley Nature Trail you may notice some new company. 

A group of goats is working to clear out some unwanted weeds and plants.

Cheryl Hopkins, Owner & Manager of Goats On The Go in the Cedar Valley says the goats actually enjoy the work. 
 "Goats are kind of crazy, they like to eat those types of things and these are plants that most people like to avoid poison ivy, the buckthorn, the wild parsnip, goats love them," she told us. 

In fact, the group of seven goats will clear out the area in Robins in only a few days, the space is just under a quarter acre in size. 
. "The great thing about using goats is they can actually go into places that are maybe uncomfortable or even dangerous for people you know steep slopes or even rocky areas," says Hopkins. 

The goats are an alternative to using equipment or chemicals. 

Goats On The Go will often provide 40 goats per acre when clearing out larger areas. 

To learn more about the goats visit www.goatsonthego.com . 

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