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A magical week in store for students at Harry Potter Camp

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Nearly 60 students are headed to a magical world this summer, as part of a Harry Potter camp in Dubuque.

The camp, organized by Ava Hoelscher and Jamie Vondra, who are just going into 8th grade, by the way, gives students the chance to experience everything from being sorted into different houses to playing quidditch.

The idea sprouted from the girls' love for Harry Potter.

"I have always really loved Harry Potter. Since 2nd grade, I had read the books, and it's actually really what got me into reading," Hoelscher said.

"When my siblings like it, I was like, whatever, it's probably not that good. But then my friends liked it, so I better give it a shot, and it was awesome," Vondra said.

The camp was originally scheduled for just 20-25 students in one session, but as word spread, they had to expand to two sessions and nearly 60 students total.

Students went to Ollivander's to get their wands on the first day of camp, and also got to try their hand at potions class, making a draught of living death.

Students will also learn this week--a writing activity planned for every day.

So far, they say,  it's going really well.

"It was a lot of fun, of course. It's crazy, because I always thought I was the biggest Harry Potter fan, but there's so many other ones, especially these young kids that have read all the books and are so dedicated to it. It's been a lot of fun," Vondra said.

Every aspect of the camp has been brainstormed and put together by the two girls, with minimal help from their former teacher Jill Hohmann.

 "I was blown away, so impressed with how everything is so worked out, every detail," Hohmann said.

Harry Potter camp runs through the end of the week.

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