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Jimmy John's thief cuts roof open, steals meat slicer

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FRANKLIN, IN (WISH/CNN) -  Police in Indiana are investigating a cold-cut case. Apparently some burglar broke into a Jimmy John's restaurant in Franklin and stole a meat slicer.

Detectives say other items were also taken, but the store's cash register may have been spared. 

Jimmy John's is known for its freaky-fast subs. But its Franklin location is now known for something that customers say is more than just freaky.

"Being in jail with other criminals, you're the guy that stole a meat slicer from Jimmy John's, like, that just seems kind of odd," said customer Leif Herrera. 

"Wow, that's stupid. It's just petty and stupid is really all I can say about that," said customer Ken Hendrickson.

Franklin Police believe the thief used power tools to cut through shingles and plywood on the roof to get inside the building. "There's a ladder in the back of the store that typically is secured by padlock, but it was left unlocked for some reason. And they used that to gain access to the roof, cut a hole and then gained access to the business,” said Chief Tim O'Sullivan of the Franklin Police Department.

According to O'Sullivan, the suspect got away with surveillance video equipment, aprons and a meat slicer. "I really don't know what their use for that would be. They must just like their sandwiches," the chief said. 

Customers have their own guesses. "What are you going to do with it? It's going to sit at your house until you find someone stupider than you to buy it off you for 5 percent of what it's worth probably," Hendrickson said. 

"Really I'd like to talk to the guy and say, 'why?' Seriously, of all the things you could steal especially if you break in there, there's probably other things that are more valuable," Herrera said.

Police believe the thief was acting alone. They say there was surveillance video, but the suspect stole it. They're looking to determine if other video exists.

The suspect is still on the loose.

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