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Boy who nearly drowned reunited with heroes

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A 4-year-old boy met his heroes Sunday after they saved him from drowning in a La Porte City pool last week.

Jace Keegan nearly drowned, but two teenage life guards were able to save him, and today they were reunited.

"I saw the boy and I could just tell there was something wrong because he wasn't moving or anything," said Megan Hudson, La Porte City lifeguard. "I went in and I picked him up and I set him down and I checked for his pulse and he didn't have one and I checked again and he still didn't have one."

Hudson and fellow lifeguard Richie Artega saved young Jace from drowning.

"You could tell he wasn't breathing so I started the 30 compressions and then Richie came over and started doing the two ventilation," said Hudson.

Jace's mother says she was picking up Jace's birthday cake when she got the scary phone call.

"They said he was caught under water and they said he's breathing on his own and he's awake and that's what we want," described Audra Keegan, Jace's mom. "That right there was enough to keep me from totally melting down."

Today Jace was able to see his heroes days after the incident.

"It's different I guess to see him lively and okay," said Hudson.

Jace's family is grateful for everyone who helped that day.

"They all worked together quickly to get him out and get him resuscitated...words can't express our gratitude for that," said Hudson.

The lifeguards say this is the first time they've had to give CPR while working at the pool, but they are happy they could help Jace.

"Accidents happen...that's what we are here for," said Hudson. "Nobody is to blame in this incident, not the baby sitter, not us not anybody."

Jace says he is pretty excited to eat the cake his mom picked up on Friday while he was at the pool. He was able to still celebrate his birthday as planned this weekend.

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