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Fenelon Place Elevator in Dubuque reopens

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The historic Fenelon Place Elevator, one of Dubuque's most popular attractions is back up and running.

Visitors lined up to go on the small cable car, including a soon to be married couple. "We actually used to live down the street and we just grew close to the people who run the elevator and we love the look out here, so we were always down here when we lived up here," said Erin O'Donovan.

Also known as the Fourth Street Elevator, it had to shut down for three weeks because of a broken shaft. The part was 40-years-old.

Tourists from all over were getting turned away. "Yes, lots of phone calls. You know, we're a tourist attraction open in the summer, and when you shut down for three weeks in June, it's just, you know -- we missed two festivals and a holiday. We were so disappointed," said Amy Schadle, owner of the Fenelon Place Elevator Company.

Now with the repairs done, people can once again enjoy the ride, and the beautiful, scenic views of the Tri-states and the Mississippi River.

"Very nice, it's old, rustic -- it was nice, very beautiful view, that's what we went for," said Nancy Schulz, of Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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