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Mark Zuckerberg makes a stop in Iowa

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg makes a stop in small town Iowa, enjoying a treat at an iconic shop, Wilton Candy Kitchen. 

On Friday he posted, "I'm visiting small towns in Iowa, and just stopped in Wilton, population 2,800.

In the last generation, there has been a real divergence between opportunity available in small towns and big cities. I've seen many struggling small towns this year, but I've also seen small towns like Wilton that are growing.

Research on economic mobility shows that your ability and willingness to move for better opportunity often determines whether your quality of life will be better than your parents'. In many places, people are less likely to move, and that contributes to less upwards economic mobility. However, in many places in Iowa and across the Midwest, people are raised with values that lead them to be more likely to move to other places for college or jobs, and therefore have greater upwards mobility. 

The people I met in Wilton shared these values around mobility. The mayor and city manager moved to Wilton from other places. When I stopped by the local ice cream shop, the high school senior who worked there told me she wanted to move to Georgia to work as a dental hygienist. The town development director -- who moved away and came back -- told me "she didn't want to see the town go away". Thanks to people like her who move for opportunity, I don't think it will."

He also made a stop at the World's Largest Truck Stop.

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