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Black Hawk County VA gives rides to vets: "We're going to be there for them"

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Veterans in Black Hawk County are having an easier time getting to their doctor's appointments with the help of the Black Hawk County VA.

The VA received a donated van from Witham Auto in March. For the past few months, they've been using the van to take veterans who don't have transportation, or can't make public transportation work, to where they need to go.

VA Director Kevin Dill says it's more than just a ride for these veterans.

"When they know that we're going to come pick them up, it feels like they have a new friend and a new reason to get up everyday knowing that we're gonna be there for them," said Dill. 

Veteran Harry Walbaum who served from 1972-1977 in Germany, doesn't have a car. Walbaum came into the VA last week looking for a way to get to the doctor. Since then, Dill has been picking him up and dropping him off at his doctor all at no cost. 

"Mostly it's their family members who will call and say thank you for getting my grandpa to his appointment or thank you for getting my dad to his appointment," said Dill. "It was stressful for us trying to figure out how to do it, so thank you for doing that."

Whether rain or shine, veterans gets picked up, and dropped off.  The VA is giving veterans a lift in more ways than one. 

"Yeah we care about you around here," said Dill." "More than I knew," said Walbaum. "More than you knew," said Dill.

If you are a veteran or know a veteran who needs a ride, reach out to the Black Hawk County VA here

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