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UPDATE: Malnourished dog dies despite being rescued

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An eastern Iowa dog who was rescued after being neglected, was eventually put down. Despite care from the Cedar Valley Humane Society, veterinarians say the Great Dane's condition was beyond repair. 

The Cedar Valley Humane Society says they had to euthanize a Great Dane after they rescued her last week. 

Development Director Preston Moore says it was a heartbreaking sight when he picked up Kira, a Great Dane that was about 60 pounds underweight. After getting inundated with calls, Moore felt he had to check on the dog.

"Honestly I'm not sure she would have lived another week in her house," said Moore. "She was so thin and so frail. Even when I met Kira the first day she seemed ill, you could see it in her eyes, you could see it in her face she was weak."

Moore convinced the owner to legally hand Kira over to the Humane Society. 

In just six days, Kira was able to gain more than 15 pounds, putting on weight and making what seemed a steadfast recovery.

"Great Danes are especially known for being gentle giants, and I think that was especially true for Kira," said Moore. "She would take food out of your hand very gently, she really enjoyed laying on top of your lap and nuzzling into you."

Veterinarian tests showed Kira had been suffering much more than they thought, including terminal cancer that had been untreated. An x-ray showed the cancer had been eating at her bones for years. 

"Tests showed that she was so far neglected in terms of her medical conditions and the amount of food that she had access to for a long time-there was very little that could be done for a healthy life," said Moore. "I think that's what's difficult about the whole situation is that everything in Kira's life could have been avoided."

After taking the advice of several veterinarians, the Humane Society felt they had no choice but to put Kira down.

"My advice for anyone with animals that they can't take care of on their own is to just seek help," said Moore. "We give extra donated food away every single day to people who have trouble feeding their animals.

Moore says the way Iowa laws are written make it very difficult to prove or prosecute anyone for animal cruelty and neglect. The Humane society has provided authorities with all of Kira's medical records. 

 "Animals want nothing more than to make the people they're with happy," said Moore. "And so when Kira was here, I think she was happy, she was loved. We spoiled her. They are very good at hiding it, and that's why it's so important to have regular veterinary visits with your animals."

The Cedar Valley Humane society is accepting donations for a memorial fund for Kira. The money will go towards helping other animals that have been neglected or abused.


Cedar Valley Humane Society says they had to euthanize a Great Dane after they rescued her last week. 

The humane society took in a Great Dane named Kira that was about 60 pounds underweight. 

They say she also had cancer and a fracture in one of her legs. 

The shelter posted the following on Facebook: 

If she were great physical condition, she could be considered a candidate for amputation and chemotherapy... but given her current condition, it's very unlikely she would even survive surgery… let alone chemo.

We’ve consulted with numerous vets and explored a variety of options that could potentially help Kira. Unfortunately, there is not a path forward that will result in any acceptable quality of life for her. Rather than let Kira suffer, we have made the hardest decision that ever comes up in a shelter. This morning, CVHS staff gave Kira a breakfast fit for a queen and everyone here gave her ear scratches and cuddles so she knows for sure she was loved here. Earlier today, she was taken to the vet for euthanasia so will not have to suffer any longer. She will not feel pain ever again.

Thank you to everyone who reached out for updates, sent donations, and shared Kira’s story. Unfortunately, Kira simply did not receive a level of care prior to coming to CVHS – either in her home or in a vet’s office – for so long that her condition deteriorated beyond a point of recovery.

Using the donations we received for Kira’s medical care, we have established a fund in her honor. The donations received will be used to help other animals that have been neglected or abused before coming to us. Through those donations and the care they provide, Kira’s memory will live on and allow us to show love and compassion to animals that need it most.


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A dog is fighting for his life.

The Cedar Valley Humane Society just took in a Great Dane who is severely underweight. They're asking the community for help. 

The dog's name is Kira, and she has multiple, serious health issues. 

She's about 60 pounds underweight, and one of her legs will eventually have to be removed because of an ACL injury left untreated. 

The humane society says she has a long road to recovery, and it will be a while before she's ready for adoption. 

They say there's a chance she might not make it.

The vet estimates that Kira is about 6 years old. She's been eating and resting comfortably at the shelter.

If you would like to help out, the Cedar Valley Humane Society says the best thing you can do is donate. Click here  to donate to their animal care fund. 

You can also click here to visit their Facebook page, where they've been posting updates on Kira. 

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