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Woman finds stolen puppy by luck

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A Cedar Rapids family is reunited with their puppy in a chance encounter, a day after he was stolen from their front yard.

Destiney Stucker sat down with KWWL, Monday night, after a witness told her he watched her six-month puppy, Tyson, stolen from her yard by two men.

Stucker and her boyfriend posted several pleas on social media to get their puppy back and even offered a $500 reward but finding Tyson was by pure luck.

On Tuesday afternoon, Destiney and her daughter were driving back to her house when her daughter caught a glimpse of a woman with Tyson.

"I just got out of the car and ran up the sidewalk and it was Tyson. He tried to run to me but the girl wouldn't let him come and I said excuse me ma'am that's my dog," Stucker said.

The woman with Tyson refused to give him to her, telling her that the puppy was hers and she had bought him the day prior for $150. Police were called to the scene and were able to determine the puppy was Tyson.

"I took a hold of him. She was holding onto him. I wasn't letting go of my dog," Stucker said.

Cedar Rapids Police Department spokesperson, Greg Buelow, said the woman had bought the dog outside a local McDonald's and told them she didn't know the people she bought it from nor that it had been stolen.

Stucker said earlier that day they had investigated a tip that Tyson had been spotted at a PetSmart and were shown photos of the same woman inside with him.

Tyson is now home again with his family, but the ordeal isn't lost on Stucker -- who says she's afraid to let her dogs back outside.

"I don't want it to happen again. I don't want it to happen to someone's else dog either. They're still out there. Just because I got my dog back and I'm happy about that, don't get me wrong. It doesn't mean it isn't going to happen to someone else," she said.

Police have not yet located the two men in question, but say they're investigating. No charges will be brought against the woman who bought Tyson.

Stucker used part of the reward money offered to repay the woman the $150 she spent on Tyson.

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