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Fireworks spark 3 Cedar Rapids fires in 50 days

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There have been three fires within fifty days all related to the use of fireworks in Cedar Rapids. 

Investigators say fireworks are to blame for a garage fire that happened along G Avenue NW in May.  

We are told the fire was minor, mostly damaging things like siding which have since been repaired, the garage is owned by Matthew 25. 

A second firework-related fire happened earlier this month at a home near McKinley Middle School.

Officials say it started at the attached garage and fireworks were a contributing factor. 

"I had been home earlier in the day and the kid was out playing with fireworks, so I don't know what happened," one neighbor told us. 

Most recently fire tore through a home on Dalewood Avenue SE. 

Authorities say fireworks were being set off near a car port, which caught on fire spreading to a garage and then the home.

 " I heard a boom and then another boom but that wasn't unusual because, for the last week, we've had fireworks like that going off," says Bev Heath, a neighbor. 

The Cedar Rapids Fire Department says they have received a number of complaints about fireworks. 

"Yes, we have had an increase of complaints through social media as well as phone calls," says  Vance McKinnon, Fire Marshal. 

McKinnon says there has been an uptick in complaints since fireworks became legal this year. 

The department says the type of fireworks that are launched from a tube tend to be more dangerous but any type of firework can cause problems. 

State law requires people to only shoot fireworks off from their property or from property where they have permission from the owner. 

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