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UPDATE: Cedar Valley baby breaks records

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Update: Weighing in at nearly 13 pounds and taking the title of one of the heaviest birth weights in the area, one baby girl is the talk of the town.

Coming more than a week early, Layla Rose took everyone by surprise.

 "I guess she just decided she wanted to come on Father's Day and just woke up," said mom Sharnishea Callahan.

Clearly a daddy's girl, Layla Rose arrived Sunday evening weighing nearly 13 pounds.

"She has had a big baby before and that helps. I don't think anybody knew that it was going to be that big," said Dr. Marilyn Hines from the Family Birth Center at Covenant Medical Center. Dr. Hines checking in on mom and baby Monday, while the doctor who delivered the baby was off.

Dr. Hines says had they been able to do an ultrasound which was scheduled for Tuesday, Layla wouldn't have been born naturally. 

"And she was pretty proud of it," said Dr. Hines.

Callahan says even after the weigh in, she is happy she didn't have a c-section.

"We expected her to be like 9 or 10 pounds, but not this big. I have had a c-section and a VBAC before and VBAC's are a lot better to recover from especially having more kids at home," said Callahan.

Layla's birth weight is equal to the average weight of a three-month-old baby. The average birth weight of a baby is around seven pounds.

"This is a 3 to 6 months and I am surprised she could fit it," said Callahan, adjusting Layla's 'I love Mommy' shirt.

Layla Rose is already showing off a little personality.

"She might have a little Diva in her, but I think she was just sore from the battle herself, yesterday. She was fussier," said Callahan.

 Mom and baby are set to go home Tuesday, both are doing well.

Callahan is actually a nurse at Covenant Medical Center, so she will be back soon.     


One Waterloo mother welcoming her not-so-little baby girl into the world on Father's Day. 

Already having two boys, Sharnishea Callahan thought she knew what to expect, but neither she nor the doctors knew they would be delivering a 13-pound baby girl.

The baby girl coming over a week early and before an ultrasound that would have shown just how big the baby was going to be.

Since the baby decided to surprise everyone, it was too late for a c-section and Callahan had the 13-pound baby naturally.

Doctors at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo, believe it is the largest baby they have delivered naturally at the hospital.

Tonight at 10, KWWL is talking with the mother. 

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