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Witness accounts large brawl in Coralville

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Joy Sanders Joy Sanders
Kristopher Dandridge Kristopher Dandridge
Peatrice Sanders Peatrice Sanders
Qra-Sawn Lloyd Qra-Sawn Lloyd

Several people are facing rioting charges after a fight broke out in Coralville involving around 50 people. 

It happened Wednesday night in the 2100 block of 10th Street Place. 

Police tell KWWL they have video from the fight but they are not releasing it at this time, instead they are using it to try and identify and potentially charge others who were involved. 

Officers made their latest fight-related arrest just this morning. 

Cell phone video a bystander sent KWWL shows a heavy police presence lining the neighborhood. 

Coralville Police Chief Shane Kron says officers first received a call that ten people were fighting but that arrived to find around thirty people fighting. 

One witness, Nathan Miller tells us what he saw. 

"I definitely saw a bat, you know I saw some guys that looked like they were holding like a pipe even and there were guys that were even holding like bags like they were gonna use them to throw at people," he says. 

Coralville police believe the fight is the result of an ongoing feud between two families. 

Eventually the brawl escalated to around 50 people, Chief Kron says some people at the scene were calling others to come join in. 

31 officers were at the scene from five different departments. 

Police ended up tasing 22-year-old Qra-Sawn Lloyd and 27-year-old Joy Sanders before arresting them both. 

Officers also arrested Peatrice Sanders at the scene, all three people were charged with rioting. 

Thursday police were called to the same neighborhood where 19-year-old Kristopher Dandridge was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. 

Just this morning Officers also charged Dandridge with participating in the riot. 

Participating in a riot is an Aggravated Misdemeanor punishable by up to two years in jail. 

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