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"They're hard workers," Black Hawk County Conservation goats grazing away

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There's some furry animals in Black Hawk County, munching away to help protect all of us.  

Black Hawk County Conservation now has big plans for a group of goats they hired in the past.  

KWWL first told you about the goats when they were eating away at the Cedar Bend Savannah. 

Now, they're working in a different part of Black Hawk County. They're at Hickory Hills Park, eating unwanted garlic mustard and honeysuckle. 

"They'll eat just about anything," says South Unit Ranger Al Finke. They eat everything from poison ivy to bark. 

In the future, the goats will likely be grazing in other places as well. 

"At some point, our goal is to have two herds. We'll have them divided throughout the county," Wildlife Conservationist Jim Weimer says. "Kilma Wildlife area down by La Porte City would be one of those areas. Also, I think Hartman Reserves would be another great area just for educational purposes. 

They're some hard workers. 

"I'd say they're volunteers since they don't get a paycheck. But they work pretty hard," Weimer says. 

The group is also growing! There are some babies on the way that should be born next month.

The group will hopefully grow from 16 goats to around 20. 

Goats were chosen for this job because of their great digestive systems and because they'll eat just about anything. 

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