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Burning Old Glory

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Once a year, flags are burned, not in disrespect, but in honor.

Like many American Legions on Flag Day, the Fairbank chapter performed the ceremony to properly dispose of worn-out flags.

The ceremony is more than simply burning old flags, it is about retiring flags with honor and recognizing their importance.

Old Glory flies as a symbol of everything our country stands for, the freedom gained and the sacrifices made by many to keep it.

"I served in Vietnam, a controversial war, but served there two years, two cruises. When I came home there was protesting," recalls American Legion member Lonnie Ross.

No one knowing what the flag stands for better than the veterans who gave so much.

Proudly displayed, the American flags being burned have been worn by the elements and on Flag Day, they are honored one last time.

"Every time I go by a flag; this is what we serve, we serve our flag which represents this country. Yes, it touches my heart," said Ross.

The Fairbank's American Legion burned more than 200 flags. They say numbers have continued to increase in recent years.

"We credit the children. We go out to the schools and tell them about the proper etiquette of the flags and I credit the children," said Ross.

The proper disposal of the flag, a sign of respect and a gesture of thanks for our many veterans.

 You can drop off your old flags at your local American Legion and AMVETS locations.

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