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Adam West 'Batman' fan shows collection

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The news of actor Adam West's death is hitting one eastern Iowa man especially hard this week.

Robert Jungweber's garage looks like a real-life bat cave in Cedar Falls.

The walls are stocked with all types of Batman memorabilia, and the crown jewel includes Robert's very own batmobile, and it's fancier than the real deal.

Stepping inside the Cedar Falls garage feels a lot like stepping on the set of the 1960's television show, Batman.

Theme music and animation aside, Robert's garage is rather impressive, and he says hearing the news of Adam West dying, didn't feel real.

"It was a shock to me when my daughter told me Saturday that he passed away, and I thought it was another Facebook hoax. So, I got on my forum I belong to, I verified it there, and it was kind of shocking. It kind of stuck with me for a few days," Jungweber said.

Jungweber said he met Adam West while showing his batmobile at events around the United States, and he said the actor was often imitated but never duplicated.

"He was a really personable guy. I wish most actors kind of had that kind of personality. He was really easy going," Jungweber said.

Robert's Batmobile is a replica and is truly one of a kind.

He had special options put on it like bluetooth, a back-up camera, a sound system that mimics a jet engine, and this flame thrower that actually works.

These are options the original car never really had and were only for show on Adam West's series of Batman.

"There were a few options on the original car that worked," Jungweber said.

Despite all the bells and whistles, Robert says driving his batmobile isn't as fun as you might think.

"Looking through the windows, it's like looking through a fish bowl, and depth perception is thrown off, because of the long hood. So, if you make a sharp turn, it's kind of tough. You almost have to have a second person to get it in the garage," Jungweber said.

Robert says he's had the car for nearly six years now, and he didn't want to share how much he paid for it, but he said these replicas go anywhere from $190,000 to $250,000, and like the batcave, it's under tight security.

Jungweber said his wife actually bought him the car, and he shows it at various events about once a year.

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