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Fire destroys Van Horne building

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A massive building is now a pile of rubble after a fire last night. 

People, who live in the town of Van Horne, say a family was eating at the restaurant next door on Main street, when they spotted the flames coming from the building. Soon after, the whole building was engulfed.

The smoke is something most people in Van Horne say they remember the most about last night's fire.

"The smoke was coming straight down Main Street," said Todd Donald, Van Horne.

"We were afraid of the smoke hitting the different houses and Main Street," said Mackenzie Bird, Van Horne. "There was a lot of smoke I mean it was enough that you couldn't see the firefighters once they were behind the building it was so black"

Today the massive building is a pile of rubble.

"It was out a few times and all of a sudden, it's just huge flames again," said Bird.

People in town were concerned about the restaurant right next door, The Crooked Antler Grill. The employees say they were closed today because they are cleaning up from smoke damage.

"Wind was really high so every once in a while it would flame up on the top," said Donald. "Everything's pretty close on Main Street so there's always that fear that things are gonna catch on."

Bird works part time at the Crooked Antler and she says the owner told her about the moments he saw the fire.

"He got everyone out as quick as possible and then went right back through and he said within five minutes the building had already filled up with smoke," said Bird.

The whole town watched the fire in disbelief as it destroyed the building that has stood there for years.

"I think people are just kind of in shock that it started on fire so it was nice to have that many people out there," said Bird.

Bird say the town hasn't seen a fire like this in years. People in town say they are so thankful nothing happened to the beloved Crooked Antler.

At this point the cause of the fire is unknown. We are told fire crews didn't leave the scene until after 11:00 last night.

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