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"Swarming all over," bees block Iowa highway

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A swarm slows down traffic.

A bee keeper says for at least several hours, a swarm of bees made it difficult to drive on a part of Highway 150 in Hazleton.

The bee keeper ended up trapping as much of the bees as he could and bringing them to his hive. 

He says it's very unusual to see this, but he's glad people called him for help. 

He says anytime a situation like this happens, it's best to call in a bee keeper. 

He believes some thing happened to the queen of this group of bees, which forced her to rest on the side of the highway. 

All the queen's worker bees didn't know what to do, so they stayed by her on the dangerous road. 

Some people in the area said at times it looked like there was "clouds of bees" forming in the sky.

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