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Iowa man says he was target in murder-for-hire plot

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A man caught up in a murder-for-hire plot tells KWWL he is concerned about he and his wife's safety. 

Justin DeWitt was arrested last year in Johnson County for allegedly trying to pay someone to kill an area family. 

While in jail in Muscatine County, DeWitt is accused of trying to put together a second murder-for-hire scheme from behind bars. 

Ron Robi of North Liberty says he was a target in the second plot. 

We first met Robi last July after he told us he tipped off police about Justin DeWitt who allegedly tried to hire him to kill a family of four over a bad business deal. 

 "And he wanted them all burned all the evidence would be gone," he told us at the time. 

Nearly a year later Robi sat down with us a second time, telling us he and his wife were each targets in DeWitt's second murder-for-hire plan. 

 "He's coming after me because I turned him in for the original hit," Robi says. 

Robi went to police last year with a  recording of a conversation he allegedly had with DeWitt.

 "Immediately when I knew he was serious I took my phone and recorded the whole conversation," he says. 

Robi let us listen to the recording last year, in it you can hear who he says is Justin DeWitt discussing plans to kill the family of four. 

"They thinking the fire thing?" part of it says. 

After being a target in the second plot Muscatine County issued Robi an Order of Protection. 

Robi is also on the extra patrol list in North Liberty according to the police department. 

He tells us waiting for the trials has been a constant struggle when it comes to feeling safe. 
"I have to give my wife a ride to and from work, I don't really let her do much you know without me there...stressful? That's to say the least," he says. 
 "I have to worry if I hear a noise, you know I don't get much sleep or anything like that because you're just always on alerts," he added. 

Despite his security concerns he says going to the police was about doing the right thing after spending 35 years of his life behind bars for crimes of his own. 
"A lot of people in my situation from my background would consider me a rat, I don't care," he says. 

DeWitt now faces a total of seven Attempted Murder charges for two separate murder-for-hire plots. 

Robi's wife and an Iowa special agent were also on the Order of Protection from Muscatine County. 
All three people DeWitt is accused of trying to kill in the second scheme are people set to testify against him. 

DeWitt is scheduled to go to trial in Johnson County on August 8th. 

Online records do no yet list a date for the Muscatine County trial. 


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