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"We must not forget," Iowa veterans honoring D-Day 73 years later

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Veterans will remember the 73rd anniversary of D-Day today.

It was a major turning point towards freeing Europe from Nazi control.

It was also the day thousands of soldiers stormed the Normandy beaches, sacrificing themselves.

KWWL caught up with Vinton veteran, Mark McAvan, who says his unit, the 20th Engineers Battalion, were some of the first soldiers on the Normandy beaches during the D-Day invasion.

He says the 20th  Engineers Battalion had around 12 hundred men in it. One thousand of them never made it home. 

Their job was to try to clear the beach of obstacles, such as mines or wires, before bigger machines made it there. 

McAvan says he not there on D-Day. He joined the 20th Engineers Battalion years later. 

But, many people don't know about the 20th Engineers and what they had to go through on this day 73 years ago. 

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