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Area roads buckle and crack under heat

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The excessive heat was to blame for cracked and buckled roadways throughout eastern Iowa over the weekend.

There were at least three locations in Dubuque. Two of those spots were on 16th Street -- one on the westbound lane, the other on the eastbound lane just before the ramp to Highway 151.

Police blocked those lanes as a precaution. "When you start thinking about big chucks of pavement or concrete, not only the damage to your vehicle, but what happens after you hit it? Does it fly up and strike a vehicle behind you, going through somebody's windshield, it could be potentially fatal," said Lt. Scott Baxter, of the Dubuque Police Department.

Eventually, the Iowa D.O.T patched the roads up.

The buckling also happened in Waterloo on Sunday. Traffic was reduced to one lane near Devonshire and Ansborough. "It's a super common thing, just from the weather fluctuating. I think it's normal around this time of year, all the time," said Jaimee Holder, who's visiting the area from Phoenix, Arizona.

Experts say this happens in extreme heat, causing pieces of concrete to expand and push against each other. It only gets worse as heavier vehicles, like semi-trucks drive over.

Police say drivers should always be on the look-out. "Drivers should always be scanning the roadways up ahead of them, in the ditches, shoulders, looking for debris like that," said Lt. Baxter.

There were also reports of pavements buckling this weekend in nearby southern Wisconsin.

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