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"It's a pain in the butt," University Avenue update

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Crews are busy tearing up pavement and pouring new concrete, while roundabouts are taking shape on a heavily traveled road in eastern Iowa. 

Come tomorrow, the intersection of University Ave and Waterloo Road will change from head-to-head traffic to another roundabout. 

Driver William Grimm knows the frustration all too well. 

"It's just a pain in the butt," said Grimm. "Hard to navigate around it because there are random spots that are close and random spots that are open." 

The city says navigating this stretch of University Ave. does require you to pay attention to those ever-changing signs. The newest change, is abandoning the stoplight at the intersection of University Ave. and Waterloo road, and opening up traffic flow into a new roundabout. 

Drivers are also seeing the access point, next to Amigos, is back open.

"Maybe the most challenging thing is those signs get to move and that access changes, and maybe people expect it to be one way the whole time construction's going on and we can't because we have to keep working on different sections of the road," said Grimm.

Businesses like Advanced Auto Parts are impacted by this limited access.

"They complain of the construction and how hard it is to get here," said Nathan Westemeier, Advanced Auto Parts. "I mean, earlier this year we had it closed further up and they had no clue how to get here. We had people crossing the grass over by the old pizza hut."

Phase one, which includes this stretch of University Avenue, is wrapping up as crews have already started tearing into phase two and putting in new pavement on the stretch east from McClain Drive. 

Workers from both Advanced Auto Parts and Amigos say their customers are actually going to their other locations simply to avoid the construction all together. 

Businesses are looking forward to the end of July when phase one is expected to be complete. 

Community leaders say by tomorrow, there should be three working roundabouts on University Ave. But it's important to note that traffic will be reduced to one lane on the roundabouts, as crews work to wrap up landscaping, while installing curbs and signs. 

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