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Water-look at this, misspelling on diploma

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Hundreds of West High graduates were given a diploma Tuesday....with an error.

Nearly 320 diplomas for graduates of Waterloo West had the school's location as Waterlook, Iowa.

Herff Jones, the company that made the diplomas, has taken full responsibility for the mistake. Telling KWWL in a statement, "We are deeply sorry for our shortcoming." While some are upset over the new "K" in our city's name, others find it funny. 

"I actually never looked at it...I got so busy right after the ceremony I never seen it until someone else had made the comment to me," said Katie Pond, Waterloo West High School graduate. "It's so minuscule I didn't even notice it."

Herff Jones added a "K" to the end of Waterloo. Their mistake is making most in the class of 2017 laugh.

"Everyone thinks it's pretty funny," said Katie. "They are like 'awh what a way to end it'."

Katie and her classmates say the mistake does not define the graduating class.

"I just think we are all happy that we did graduate," said Katie. "It's just a piece of paper...we all know we graduated and it doesn't reflect on our last four years, we all had a great time."

Katie's mother says she is still proud of her daughter and she is hopeful others will let this error slide.

"I think if parents start to make a big deal about it, it takes away from the whole graduation," said Heather Pond, Waterloo. "I mean be proud of them, they did it...the paper is getting fixed it's just a minor thing."

Katie has a final message for the West High graduates.

"Congratulations you still did it, it's been a good run," said Katie. "I am happy we got to experience this last thing together."

Herff Jones says they will reprint a new diploma for each graduate. Some graduates say they are going to hold on to old one saying it's something to laugh about in the future.

The company also says it will add a second proof-reading process, specifically for Waterloo, to make sure something like this doesn't happen again.

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