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UPDATE: Crews searching ground, water for missing woman

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UPDATE (6/1) - Crews are still searching for an eastern Iowan woman who was last seen Saturday.

Family reported that Rhonda Apfel, of Waterloo, went missing over the long weekend. 

Those leading the search of the area near Dunkerton say they'll be having dogs in to help search for a scent on the ground, and crews will continue to search the water tomorrow. Apfel's motorcycle, as well as her boots and jacket, were found near the Wapsi river near Dunkerton. 


Friends and family continue their search for missing 47-year-old Rhonda Apfel.

Apfel was reported missing after family hadn't heard from her since Saturday afternoon. Apfel's brother-in-law says the last time the family heard from her was when she was going for a ride on her motorcycle. 

"Oh yeah, she always rode her motorcycle, and this was the first time riding it this year so she was kind of excited about that," said Apfel's brother-in-law Harvey Spooner.

The family's concern only grew when authorities discovered Apfel's motorcycle abandoned on the side of a gravel road next to the Wapsi River near Dunkerton.

Family and friends were alarmed when they heard her bike was found on a gravel road. Describing Rhonda as an experienced biker, Spooner says Apfel wouldn't ride on gravel. 

"Riding a motorcycle three and a half miles on a gravel road is something that 9 out of 10 bikers will not do," said Spooner.

Family also pointed out that the motorcycle used to be her later father's which holds sentimental value to her, and would not be something she'd leave behind. 

Other friends who have rode with Rhonda say some details don't add up. 

"Most people I know and ride with don't ride down gravel unless it's an absolute emergency," said friend Jason Christensen. 

Another red flag for family is they key of her motorcycle that they say was left in the ignition. 

Apfel's shoes, socks, and jacket were also discovered further down by the water. 

The search, which began Monday, continued into Tuesday as crews combed through every inch of land and water. Apfel's family says they want to bring her home safe.

If you have any information on Rhonda Apfel, please contact the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office. 

Family and friends will continue their search. If you are interested in helping, contact the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office. 


Family members say the search for Rhonda Apfel will pick up again this morning in Black Hawk County.

They say the sheriff's office is searching along the Wapsi River near Dunkerton after her motorcycle, shoes, socks and jacket were found by the water.

An Iowa Department of Public Safety website says Apfel, who's 47 years old, was reported missing to the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office on Sunday.

Overnight, the sheriff's office confirmed to KWWL they are looking for a missing woman along the Wapsi.  They searched yesterday and will be back out again this morning.

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