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VIDEO: Two sets of video, one mask

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Police arrested two men in connection to a spree of smash-and-grab incidents in Waterloo.

John Fitzgerald Bennett, 47, and Cody Joe Laughlin, 25, were taken into custody over the weekend, and they're accused of breaking into various convenience stores and credit unions and stealing automated teller machines or (ATMs.)

We were able to get video of one break-in incident and noticed a striking similarity to video Laughlin posted to social media nearly four years ago.

During the break-in, video shows both people wearing dark-colored clothes, but one of the burglars was seen wearing a white mask.

After searching social media, we were able to find video Laughlin posted on October 31, 2013 of him dancing while wearing the same or similar mask.

We also noticed Laughlin made a post on April 26, less than a month before the first reported smash-and-grab incident, in reference to working hard and earning money that reads, "Who ever buys these jeans that are selling for 400 bucks, that have the fake mud on them.. are completely idiotic. Here's an idea.. if you want what looks like hard workers jeans" go buy some jeans, then work your ass off day & night in them. Then you'll have the EARNED "look" of a hard worker."

At last check, bail is set at $107,000 for Bennett, and Laughlin's bail is set at $105,000.

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