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Arrest made after door-to-door sales complaints in Black Hawk Co

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The Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office has arrested a Mississippi man after several complains of door-to-door sales without permits.

Law enforcement say the complaints from people specified that solicitors have engaged in aggressive, persistent and harassing tactics to get residents to buy merchandise.

The sheriff's office arrested Ricky Woodall, 25, of Mississippi, Thursday night for violation of the transient merchant act.

Andrea Schlotman said Woodall came to her door Thursday. 

"He was very friendly, very outgoing, very much a good salesman and he instantly just started cleaning stuff," said Schlotman. "And I was pulled in from the cleaning," said Schlotman. "So I brought him in the house and I had him clean a couple tough areas, and he did it. So I was like alright, I'll buy one bottle, and he talked me into two."

Woodall sold her two quarts of the cleaner solution "Advanage" for $79. 

"He was very outgoing, told lots of jokes, real fast talker," said Schlotman. 

Scholtman says he wasn't aggressive, describing him as friendly. However, she believes if she wasn't so willing to buy, he may have turned aggressive. 

"Residents are under no obligation to buy anything," said Black Hawk County Captain Mark Herbst. "If they're not interested, simply close the door, and call and report it to law enforcement, and we'll come out and investigate it."

Schlotman says her neighborhood is relatively quiet, and rarely gets salesmen. 

"After he left I did get nervous, because I wrote him a check, and all my information is on the check," said Schlotman.   

The Black Hawk County Sheriff's office says it's tough to determine if someone is legitimate or not.

"That's something that is real tough for the resident to do," said Captain Herbst. "The difference between the legitimate ones and perhaps illegitimate ones is the pushiness, aggressiveness. We're being told on this one, they just wouldn't take no for an answer."

If you have had a similar incident, please contact the Black Hawk County Sheriff's Office to report it. 

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