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"Turning trash into treasure"

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In Cedar Rapids, the city's old landfill, Mt. Trashmore, will transform from a mound of trash into a recreational space for the public.

Construction is underway to build atop of it an observation deck that will allow people to take in it's incredible views overlooking all of Cedar Rapids along with trails that wind all the way up.

"It'll allow people access to come for recreation, walking, biking, trails and just see the view," Karmen McShane with the Cedar Rapids Waste Agency said.

Mt. Trashmore opened in 1965 but closed in 2006. It reopened after the floods of 2008 and took on 430,000 tons of debris, growing the mound an extra 30 feet.

Today, Mt. Trashmore stands 208 feet tall with an elevation of 948, making it the highest point of Linn County.

The observation deck is expected to be done by this fall and the trails by next spring.

"I think it's a good idea and I think it's a good way to turn trash into treasure," Carol Horn, of Cedar Rapids, said.

Cedar Rapids bicyclist said they're excited for the new trails.

"The thing about Mt. Trashmore is that it adds a demographic to the riding There's a lot of good towns and hills in the area, a lot of good places to get some good hill climbing experience but Mt. Trashmore is in town so you don't have to ride a long ways to get to it," Randy Davison, of Cedar Rapids, said.

Davison said he expects the Mt. Trashmore trails and observation deck will attract many bicyclists to it.

"Mt. Trashmore will become a regular climbing opportunity for people," he said.

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