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Statue stolen from grave of Iowa man

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David Grady David Grady
Eagle statue Eagle statue

An eagle statue was stolen from an area grave. 

It happened at Linwood Cemetery in Cedar Rapids. 

Eric Londquist, sales manager at  the cemetery tells me it's like "stealing from a church alter plate."

He says they feel awful about what happened and it's very unusual. 

Londquist says sometimes people think flowers are stolen when they have really just blown away, he suggest people put tape on them marking the name of which grave they belong to.

In the case of the eagle, it's apparent someone actually stole it. 

The eagle was placed on David Grady's grave by his daughter because he loved nature. 

"Love fishing, camping, boating, anything that was outdoors," his daughter Cathy Nguyen tells us. 

It's for that reason his family chose to bury him in Linwood Cemetery near a pond. 

Grady loved the emblem of the United States, keeping statues of eagles all around his living room. 
 "He loved eagles, he was patriotic, he had belt buckles," Nguyen says. 

It's a theme his family carried to his resting place most recently adding a large metal eagle. 
"I wanted an eagle of some sort that would come up over his grave kind of to look over him," Nguyen told us. 

Where the eagle once stood now stands the metal post that once held it and you can see it was cut off. 
"For somebody to steal anything is wrong but for somebody to come steal off a dead person's grave is just wrong," Nguyen says. 

She tells us they took various measures to secure the bird and keep something like this from happening. 
"Me and my husband had came in and cemented it in and then put the rock over it."
Now the family is asking for one thing, for someone to bring the eagle back. 
"Bring it back to the cemetery you can set it in the front doorway or whatever. We are not upset or angry you know if you took it, it's gonna be on your consonance."
Police are aware of the situation. 

The family says the statue was taken sometime between Mother's Day and Thursday, unfortunately security cameras aren't out in the actual cemetery which stretched 44 acres. 

The family believes more than one person took the bird because it is large and the metal is sharp. 


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