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Retweet from Aaron Rodgers gets students out of final

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A high school class no longer has to take their sports literature final, all thanks to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Janesville student Peyton Meyer sent a tweet to Aaron Rodgers trying to get his class out of their final last week. To the shock of Meyer and his teacher, it worked!

The Packers QB sent a tweet back to Meyer on Friday reading, "I'm sure a sports lit final is very important, but here you go" and hashtagging the message with #PayItForwardFriday.

The Janesville sports literature class borrowed a play out out of another students play book after they learned about an Indiana student who tweeted at Kobe Bryant to get his class out of a test. The students sent the tweet to Rodgers - their teacher Laura Robert's favorite player - hoping to get the same outcome.

"Peyton ran in through the door and he said 'Aaron tweeted me back' and I didn't believe him at first because it seemed really unrealistic, but then he showed me and yup it was real," said Roberts, Janesville teacher.

Roberts is a huge fan of the Green Bay Packers. In fact, her classroom is decked out in green and yellow, she says Rodgers is her favorite Packers' player. This is another reason she let her students run this play.

"Who really thinks anything is going to actually happen, certainty not me," said Roberts. "So I let them figure out who they wanted to tweet, take the picture and there you go."

Peyton says within a few minutes his tweet was getting 'retweeted' and 'favorited' all across school, but soon after, he got the retweet he was waiting for.

"I was looking through my feed still because it was going around, but not as much as we thought it was, but after that two minutes I looked up and I was like, 'dude we got it, we got the tweet, no sports lit final'," said Peyton.

Rogers tweeted about an hour after Peyton's tweet. His classmates were surprised and thankful they were saved from writing an eight page paper.

"The bell rang and I went back to my class and I was like, 'everyone who is in sports lit, no final'," said Peyton. "They were just like, 'no way he already tweeted you back' and I am like, 'yeah check it out'."

Peyton says his whole class helped with the tweet and they are all still pretty shocked Rodgers responded. Peyton says he almost started studying for the test, but then realized he didn't have to anymore.

Peyton responded to Rodgers by thanking him. At last check, the tweet has more than 11 thousand  favorites on Twitter.

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