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Storm clean-up efforts gaining momentum

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Clean-up efforts are gaining momentum after a devastating storm ripped through eastern Iowa Wednesday. That's when a massive tree came crashing down on one Waterloo couple's home.

Russell and Denise Peterson are  in shock after a tree fell on their house earlier this week. They are grateful they are okay since they were inside the home when they heard a loud bang.

"I was looking the other direction when it happened so I was just sitting there and heard a big thud and I went a looked," said Russell.

Russell looked out his window and saw leaves and branches from the tree that toppled onto his home.

"We've got a hackberry tree with about a three and half foot diameter base that landed about 10 foot onto the house," said Russell.

Russell and his wife have shared the home for nearly 20 years, and they were inside when the tree snapped. 

"At first, my first thought was it was lightening, but it didn't sound right so I decided to look out the window and see what's going on, by then it was over, it was already down," said Russell.

The Peterson's have been working to clean up the tree for a few days, and they are thankful the tree only took out a gutter and cracked a window, but there's still a lot to be done.

"This is probably going to end up taking three to four more weeks to get contractors here and get the tree out of here," said Russell. "I don't have the equipment to take a three and half foot diameter tree out, that's beyond my capabilities."

The Peterson's say they are most likely going to plant another tree in the same spot. Even though several crews from around the state and even out-of-state were brought in to help cut down trees and remove debris, the couple says they're on a waiting list to get it removed.

The Peterson's say it will probably be a couple weeks until anyone can get to it.

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