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Woman rescued after car slides off road

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Firefighters performed a daring save on the side of a steep road in eastern Iowa.

Decorah firefighters say a car slid off of Whitetail Road yesterday.

The rescue crews had to secure the front of the car with ropes as they pulled the driver out to safety. 

Firefighters say the driver was not from Decorah, but was on Whitetail and Quarry Hill Roads sight seeing. The woman decided to turn around when her car slipped and tipped nose first down the hill. She walked away without any injuries. 

"She didn't drive off the cliff... she was turning around when she went down," said Terry Buenzow, Decorah.

Buenzow says he was driving by when he saw the car sitting in the ditch.

"I thought that she better not move because the car was rocking a little bit and I asked her to stay there and we'd get some help," said Buenzow.

The Decorah Fire Department scaled the side of the ditch toward the woman. Firefighter Steve Vanden Brink was one of the first people there.

"She was uninjured, she just needed help getting out of the vehicle because that first step was probably a good two foot step down to the ground," said Vanden Brink. "That's how far her car sat there."

Vanden Brink says it's about a 70 foot drop to the bottom of the hill and she was lucky her car stopped where it did.

"It was actually just held on the ground not against anything so it could easily shifted at any point," said Vanden Brink.

Buenzow says the woman was calm as he talked with her until crews arrived.

"She was still a little surprised that she went over the edge so we just had her put her window down and not open her door and rock her car," said Buenzow. "We had a nice chat with her and welcomed her to Decorah."

Vanden Brink says Decorah firefighters are trained once a month to learn how to lower themselves using a rope. Fire fighters say this was not a difficult rescue once they had a plan in place.

The rescue took about 20 minutes. The car was towed and the woman is okay.

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